Weatherly Sawyer

Austin, TX


Our world can be touched but not claimed. The tension between humanity’s constant push for permanence amidst the instability of the natural world results in the existence of communities which are simultaneously unique and placeless. My art spawns from my investigation into how communities use non-place practices in order to adapt to their unique and inevitably resistant environments.

Furthermore, my work questions the degree to which the built environment becomes a facade in the context of its surrounding natural environment. Implementing a combination of painting, collage, print, and sculpture to design or recreate landscapes, maps, and communities, I use my work to view manmade elements and environmental romanticism as a way in which inhabitants remove or distract themselves from the reality of a natural environment.

Safety and homogeneity exist only as microcosms- lies of civilization in the context of the surrounding environment. 

Weatherly Sawyer graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BFA in Studio Art. She is currently learning Italian and studying botanical illustration. 

Please feel free to contact me about inquiries, commissions, and collaborations.