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High Tea: Modified Texan Home Accents 2019

Screen print

3 x 11 feet

This print is influenced by Delftware, a blue and white glazed earthenware that comes from the Netherlands. What makes these objects so recognizable is the coloring and the distinctive Dutch imagery that often decorates the ceramic object. Although Dutch Delftware and its accompanying imagery is most well known in this context, this style of ceramic originated in Asia and had been appropriated to fit Dutch culture. The imagery of one culture was replaced with that of another, however the ornate blue and white language remained the same. My interest in this appropriated, daily-use art form and its reflection of the culture and landscape of each place that inherits it caused me to re-imagine its contents yet again. This time, I applied personally familiar imagery of the Texan landscape to Delftware style, as an homage to this versatile art form and a parody of its historical appropriation.

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