Shadow Works

About Shadow Works

Shadow works are pieces made with tracing paper and cut-outs of black construction paper. They began after I was recruited to help with art direction of a short film inspired by the early 18th century poem, "Mazeppa." This film was not your average film, but a shadow puppet film, and I was tasked with making complex, readable backgrounds with only two kinds of paper and an X-Acto knife.

During this project first, I realized how much I enjoyed this process, full of precision and visual riddles. My specialization as the backdrop designer allowed me to draw on nature, my favorite subject matter, for inspiration. I translated that as literally as I could.

This initial project left me with a void that could only be filled with black construction paper and shadows. More and more of the work I do has been influenced by my time spent on this project, and I have since done similar backgrounds for other films. In the meantime, however, here is the award-winning film Mazeppa, directed by Annika Horne, for your viewing pleasure.  Keep an eye out for the backgrounds- you might recognize a few.

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