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Risograph prints

Series of seven 11" X 17" prints

The Principality of Sealand is the smallest unrecognized country in the world. Formed by Paddy Roy Bates within the confines of an abandoned British Naval platform from WWII, Sealand has its own flag, passport, stamps, and ruling class, including a prime minister. Despite the long history following it’s founding in 1967, during which the country hosted a pirate radio station and saw an armed hostage crisis, the country does not currently host a permanent population. Sealand does actively offer purchasable citizenship through the gift shop on the country’s website, in addition to titles of Lord, Count, Sir, and Duke. The platform, which once supported anti-aircraft machinery and soldier barracks, now holds a living room, galley, and master bedroom. The habitable space extends down into the supporting legs, which contain several floors containing the workout room, storage closet, and conference room.

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